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6 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Increase Your Passive Income


Affiliate marketing is promoting and recommending other people’s or other company’s products in exchange for a commission. It’s a powerful technique where you don’t have to invest time in creating the products because they already exist. In this post, we present 6 affiliate marketing tips that you can use in order to increase your affiliate revenue. And guess what? All these are passive promotional strategies.

The idea behind the affiliate programs, also known as referral programs or partnership programs, is to share and promote an affiliate link of a set of products. Once the audience clicks these links and does some actions (buy sign up, etc), you get paid as a reward. This is at no extra cost to the customer.

So, our goal is to make people click our affiliate links. Here come our affiliate marketing tips.

Let’s start.

Review Guides And Tutorials

Review Guides and Tutorials

When you register for an affiliate program, you need to deeply understand the company you register with. Thus, writing a review (I’m talking about honest reviews) about the product you are promoting is one of the common ways to share affiliate links.

When you combine the review with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, you will get free organic traffic from search engines. These audiences might click on your affiliate links if they like the product.

The review must be informative and include all the possible information that a customer needs. For example, write a review about the pros and cons of the product, how to use it, how to set it up, and so on.

On the other hand, we have in-depth tutorials. These are powerful promotional methods especially if you focus on the “how-to” content. This type of content generates clicks on affiliate links because they give more deep information about the product. However, you need to select products that you have experience with write content around.

Top Ten List

Top-Ten List

Creating a countdown article is perfect for generating clocks on your affiliate links. You can write a top ten list of the most powerful types of equipment for gamers if your niche is gaming. Or, list the best chef’s knives (like this article) if your niche is cooking.

This technique will help you increase the click rate, as well as, the ranking in search engines.

Also, the top ten lists are easy to read, so customers can easily find what they like, and can be easily tweeted. You will get free traffic from social media. And when we say free traffic, it means clicks and money.

Comparing Between Two Products

Comparing Between Two Products

This is somehow the same as the later tip. However, you will compare only two products.

Publish content comparing two products in your niche. Then, get traffic to this article, and wait for clicks.

An example of an article comparing two products is this one. The authors compare two email marketing services: Sendinblue and Getresponse. They link to the two services using their affiliate links.

Readers can learn about the pros and cons of each service, and the differences between them. In the end, they will decide to choose one of them. Whichever they choose, they will subscribe using one of the two affiliate links.

This is the power and the mentality behind this tip. You get money, no matter what readers select.

Digital Products

Digital Products

When you get more and more traffic and your business grows, you can start providing exclusive digital products to your audience, especially eBooks. This is a perfect opportunity to include your affiliate links inside these digital products.

You can use the eBooks, for example, as a lead magnet to build your email list or as a giveaway gift. The idea is to give it for free. When doing so, your audience might share it with their friends and on social networks. Just focus on creating a GOOD digital product that adds value.

You can use Canva to create awesome free eBooks, with a beautiful design that attracts people’s attention.

The more people are engaged with the eBook, the more your revenue increase.

Resources Page

Resources Page

The number-one page in your blog that can bring you the most earnings is the resources page.

 What is this page?

Simply, it is a single page that highlights the tools and resources that you would recommend in order to help your audience achieve their goals.

Don’t fake it. Cite only the product that you tested, loved, and you know your readers will benefit from their use.

However, not all the products on the resources page must be affiliate products. In fact, some of them might just be really helpful resources, such as articles, books, software, either free or paid.

This is a page that is going to be super useful and helpful. And trust me, if you give something helpful to your audience, it will be beneficial to you as well.

Getting Started Page

Getting Started Page

A Getting Started page is a collection of content that you have created, and you think that anybody who wants to start in your niche must absolutely read it.

It presents the first sets of actionable steps that they should take.

So, the Getting Started page is going to be inserted into your navigation menu.

In addition to the first steps to take, you have a great opportunity to share some of your affiliate products. But, of course, products related to the first steps.

Even if you have only a few articles, you can add them to the Getting Started page, and then add other content over time. Just add them as soon as possible. Because the sooner you help people get started, the sooner you’re going to get results from the value that you’re providing.

 DON’T share all your content on this page. This is ridiculous, right?

The advantage of this page is to help people getting started with chronological content. And include only affiliate products that make sense, and help the audience achieve their goals.


In this article, we presented 6 affiliate marketing tips that will help you increase your benefit. There are many other ways you can use promote your affiliate products, you just have to be creative. Experiment with these affiliate marketing tips, and you will get surprised when you see the results.

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