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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide


Today, people are looking for effective ways to earn money online. One of the most powerful techniques is affiliate marketing. This is a method that helps people earn passive income quickly and even without technical skills. It is easy to set up and may bring you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you do it the right way. In this post, we present to you a step-by-step guide to learn affiliate marketing for beginners.

 But first, let’s precise what exactly is affiliate marketing? How does it work? And how can we make money with this strategy?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products for a commission. So, you earn money for each sale you make.

In other words, you need to find a product, promote it to audiences, and enjoy your revenue.

Can you really make money using affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can. That’s why we are here for you.

You will act like a door-to-door salesman in real life. However, this is the internet. You can reach people around the world while you are sitting in your home, in a cafe, or even in front of the beach. You need just to learn how to make visitors come to you.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on creating your own products or services from scratch. You just promote something that already exists.

This is helpful because you promote only products that customers buy a lot. Instead, if you sell your own new products, there is a risk that nobody wants them.

On the other hand, the product owners can get more sales by encouraging affiliate marketers to sell their products. This is a win-win situation, where marketers can make as much money as if they sell their own products.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

To start affiliate marketing, there are three main steps that you need to follow. First of all, you need to find a product to sell. Then, you promote this product to potential customers. And finally, you get your commission.

Let’s talk about these three points in detail so that you do affiliate marketing the right way. Shall we?

STEP 1: Find a Product

Marketers have plenty of options. They can promote physical products, digital products, services, real estate, and so on. In this article, we focus especially on digital products. However, the process is the same for other types.

Digital products represent products like eBooks, online courses, SaaS (Software as a Service), and presentations.

The creators of digital products don’t invest a huge amount of money compared to physical products. They don’t pay for each sale either for the delivery. So, the commission is somehow higher.

To find a product to promote, you need to visit websites like Clickbank, Commission Junction, JVZoo, Impact, Warriorplus, etc. On these websites, you have access to a large selection of different products that provide affiliate programs. Just navigate and look for products in your niche, with good prices and high commission.

Before you start promoting, you need to contact the product owner for approval. If your demand gets accepted, you get your affiliate link to use as you want. You can include it in your blog posts or in your sale pages.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is stored on their browser, and they will be redirected to the product sale page. If they buy something, they will be listed as having come from you. Then you will earn your commission.

It should be noted that multiple websites, especially online services, have their own affiliate programs. To check them, just go to Google and search for the name of the product and add “affiliate program” or “referral program” or “associate program”. For example “Amazon affiliate program”.

STEP 2: Marketing The Product

Once you get your affiliate link, you need to promote it. The most common way to market an affiliate product is by creating content about it.

Important: NEVER start an online business without a website or a YouTube channel.

This is a great way to monetize your website. Simply write valuable content about the product or the niche that it belongs to, and insert your affiliate link into the text. This way, anyone who lands on this page might click on the affiliate link, and buy the product.

You can choose to be honest with your audience and telling them that this is an affiliate link. However, in some countries, the law obligates you to disclaim that you earn money if people click on the link, and buy the product.

After creating the content, the next step is driving traffic to it. You can choose between the free methods or paid methods.

For the free techniques, you need first to improve your SEO to get indexed by search engines. Then, you can share your landing page on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, or others. This can bring you a huge number of visitors, especially if you have already built your presence online.

Another powerful technique is answering questions on Q&A platforms like Quora. Make sure to give valuable answers, and you will get views in return.

For more details about getting free traffic, you can refer to our previous article.

On the other hand, you can run paid ads to promote your article or landing page. However, the most effective way is by using email marketing. If you have a big list of subscribers, you can promote the product by sending an email to them. Else, if your list is small, follow our tips to get more subscribers.

When you drive the audience to the product, either by paid or free methods, many of them will click on your affiliate links. And if they buy it, you will get your commission.

STEP 3: Enjoy Your Earning

After applying the techniques detailed above, all you need to do now is relax and enjoy the results of your hard work.

However, you need to be patient if these are your first days in affiliate marketing. In fact, you need at least 6 months of hard work before expecting to see results. Some people quit after the first or second months.

Because this is a guide to affiliate marketing for beginners, we give you some tips to increase your revenue.

  • Focus on products with recurring commissions instead of a one-time payment. In programs with recurring payments, you get paid as long as the customer is still registered to the service. So, you spend time and effort on the customer only once.
  • Choose affiliate programs with high cookie durations. For example, a 30 days cookie is better than 5 days cookie (if they have the same commission). In fact, you have exactly 30 days to seal the deal, once a link has been clicked. If the customer buys the product/service in these 30 days, you will get your commission.
  • Promote high ticket products. A high ticket product is a product that costs a bit of money. However, it offers to buyers a high value.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best techniques to get passive income. However, if you want to be an affiliate marketer, you need to be diligent, persistent, and most importantly, be patient. Trust us, if you follow the steps and tips in this affiliate marketing for beginners guide, we guarantee good results after one year of hard work.

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