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Best Email List Building Strategies


Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies that provide higher ROI (Return On Investment). It is the most effective way to increase your online business profits. However, the question that can be raised is: how to build your mailing list. In this post, we show you the best email list-building strategies that can help you grow your mailing lists.

Why Building a Mailing List

Essentially, a mailing list is the best communication channel between you and your potential customers. You can contact and reach a large number of people with minimum effort.

Unlike social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or others, you have complete control over your communication strategy. For example, Facebook may decide to delete your page at any time. You will lose all the effort and time you put in. the same goes for Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform.

On the other hand, relying on your website only is also risky. In fact, Google may change its ranking policies at any moment. Your organic traffic will decrease, and you will lose your ranking too.

However, relying on email marketing is safer. It is a direct channel with an audience that is not reliant on a third party for your contact management.

The engagement in email marketing is typically high. People only subscribe to mailing lists if they like what you are sharing. When you send them an email, they will a notification. They will engage with the email and open it.

Best Email List Building Strategies

Building a mailing list is a time-consuming task, especially the first time. It may take time effort and money. People say that a big list can bring you a lot of money. However, you need a lot of money to build this list. Can you solve this equation?

Today, we are going to break this myth. We show you our best email marketing-building strategies to help you build a big email list. You can do this without investing a lot of money, effort, or even time.

1# Offer Valuable Free Products

If you want people to subscribe to your list, you absolutely need to give them something in exchange. The most obvious choice is to offer them a digital product. For example, you can provide them an eBook, software, graphics, articles, or other products that can be downloaded online.

In email marketing, we call this a “Lead Magnet”.

When someone visits your website, he/she may hesitate to put his/her email into the opt-in form. They are afraid to receive a lot of emails, especially the “spammy” ones.  However, if you propose a valuable lead magnet to them, they will give you their email addresses in return.

You may say: but, I don’t have anything to offer, what should I do?

The solution is simple. Search on Google for “free PLR book” for example, and you will get a lot of books with resell right. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. But, choose high-quality content, relevant to your niche.

Ideally, you should inform people who download the freebies about the updates that they would receive. In fact, if you say nothing, and suddenly they start receiving emails from you, they may be upset. They may unsubscribe from your mailing list, or report you as a spammer.

2# Giveaways

Our second method is giveaways. This is an incentive method to get people to sign up for your mailing list.

If you launch a great giveaway, then this can draw people’s attention. For example, if you have some product or service that you sell for $30, try to give it for free for 12 or even 24 hours. And people who want to join the giveaways must subscribe to your mailing list, share the giveaway, and tag their friends. This way you get to a lot of buzz and new traffic, which helps you maximize the engagement and results.

3# Updates

This is the most powerful way, and the hardest one. This is an effective long term strategy.

Why it is difficult? Because when people sign up to your mailing list, they are waiting to get updates. Then, you must send them those email updates. They must find the value they are looking for.

To make this work, make sure to inform them that there is new or exclusive content that they need to be aware of, and you will share it only via emails. It is like selling “premium” updates for free, in exchange for email addresses.

The power of this method is that the subscribers are more likely to convert if they find what they were looking for.

4# Reverse Opt-In

Sometimes, when you visit a website where you found valuable information, you keep scrolling or navigating from page to page. However, at some point, an opt-in form pop-ups and asks you to enter your email if you want to read more. This is what we called reverse opt-in.

So, reverse opt-in takes advantage of the need to solve a problem or to know specific information to push people to subscribe to your list. The audience needs to be aware that you have the solution for a specific type of problem so that they go deeper and deeper into your website.

The advantage of this technique is the quality of the subscribers. Think about it, if someone subscribes to your list after navigating through multiple pages, it is obvious that he/she is interested in what you share. He/she is not just a curious person or someone who is not serious about solving an issue. The probability that they convert (if you give them an offer) is high.

But, be careful when using this strategy. The audience must not feel like you are twisting their arm to give you their email addresses because they need access to this information. So, think before using it.

5# Bonus: Build Mailing List by Scraping

Caution: Use this technique only to get email addresses for your cold email campaign. That’s mean; send them valuable information to let them subscribe to your list. DON’T PROMOTE and DON’T SPAM.

If your niche is digital marketing, for example, go to Google and type:

“digital marketing” “@gmail.com”, if you want Google emails. Else, you can replace “@gmail.com” with “@yahoo.com”, “@outlook.com” or a professional domain like “@paypal.com” etc. You get the ideas, right?

Google Email Scraping

Tips: make sure you set the “search results” to 100 instead of the default value 10. To do this, go to Sittings=>Search Sittings=>Results per page, and choose 100.

After that, copy the results by clicking on CTRL+A then CTRL+C on your keyboard.

In order to get the emails, go to a website called email-checker.net, and paste the copied text (using CTRL+V on your keyboard) to the email extractor, and enjoy the results.


If you want to be successful in online businesses, you must build the best mailing list possible. Just follow our best email list strategies described above, write the best email, and you will see good results in a short time.

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