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Email Marketing Best Practices: Tips That Drive Results


Whether you are an email marketing expert or new to this concept, creating the best campaign that drives results is likely your ultimate goal. In this article, we present a list of email marketing best practices that drive results.

However, before we start, let’s introduce the email marketing concept for newbies.

What is Email Marketing?

Today, checking our emails has become the most common activity.

If you have a Gmail account, just check the promotions tab. You can find a lot of promotional emails. Those emails are either about a service, a product, or anything that may interest you.

Simply, this is email marketing.

So, email marketing is a kind of internet marketing or digital marketing. It allows companies as well as individuals to send personalized messages in the form of an email to their customers. The goal is to inform, advertising, or solicit certain actions from those clients.

You can send a message to your target audience at any time and for any purpose. And this will cost you almost nothing. This is why email marketing is the most powerful technique to communicate with your audience.

In this article, we show you the email marketing best practices. You will be able to take advantage of this powerful communication channel. Otherwise, you will miss an effective way to reach your audience.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is not just about sending regular or occasional newsletters. Today, digital marketers need to do more than that. They have to maintain their subscriber lists, create and design relevant emails, and schedule their sending.

These are nine tips to follow in order to take advantage of email marketing as much as possible.

1# Writing Great Subject Lines

Writing the subject line is the most important part of your email marketing strategy. In fact, it is the first thing readers see when they open their mailing applications. They will decide whether they open the email or not. If the subject line does not grab the attention of subscribers, they won’t open your email.

But, how can you be sure that your subject line is great or not?

Simply, you can test its score using free online tools.

Go to a website called Sendcheckit.com, and write your subject line into the text field.

Let’s take an example. The first one is “How to Make $1,000+ Per Month With One Blog Post”.

This well-written subject line hits 99 points. It should perform very well for you, and it will often receive higher open rates than a poorly written one.

The second example is “FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $35 OR MORE!!!!”.

bad subject line example

This is an example of a bad subject line that will land, most probably, in spam.

Sendcheckit.com gives you a detailed report about each tested subject line. Try to respect its recommendations, and always target a subject line with a high score.

2# Avoid Grammar and Spelling Errors

If your email is not well written, many subscribers will unsubscribe from your email list. Poor grammar, capitalization, and spelling errors are a huge turn-off for your audience. They will not believe that you are an expert in your domain, while you still make such mistakes.

You need to build your authority in your niche. Write complete mistakes-free sentences. Make sure you double-check your emails. You can do this by yourself or ask someone else to do it for you.

Our tip here is to use Grammarly. This is a free chrome extension that helps you scan your text for common grammatical mistakes. It will correct those mistakes as well as enhancing your vocabulary.

3# Have a Clear Unsubscribe Link

Don’t ever try to hide your unsubscribe link from your audience. If you do so, your subscriber may report you as a spammer. This will destroy your reputation and the email service provider may restrict access to your account if you receive multiple spam reports.

So, make sure to have a clear unsubscribe link.

4# Don’t Rely on Images

When you send an email with images, subscribers must click “enable images” to see the content. However, the majority of the readers will not enable them.

If you decide to use images in the email body, don’t forget to add the Alt tag. Use CSS to style this Alt text to be visible to your subscribers.

5# Test Where Your Emails Are Landing

In Gmail, we have three tabs: inbox, social, and promotions.

gmail tabs

Let’s focus on the inbox and promotions tabs. I know, I know. The promotions tab is also an inbox. But Gmail filters those emails because they contain advertisements.

On the other hand, we have the spam folder.

When you send an email, it may land in one of the three folders: inbox, promotions, or spam. You can test this using a website called gmass.co.

In the products menu, select “Inbox, Spam, or Promotions”.

Copy the emails in Step 1:

gmass emails

Then send your email to these addresses. Once you are done, make a search using your email or your subject line. Our test email landed in the primary inbox.

gmass output

If your email lands in the Promotions tab, make some changes and remove words that may sound like advertisements. However, if the email land in the spam folder, go to our next tip.

6# Test the Sending Score

The sending score tester tools check the quality of your email. You can have an idea whether this email will land in the spam folder or not.

An example of these tools is mail-tester.com. Send an email to the temporary address provided by this website and your score will be shown.

email tester score

Always target a score higher than 9/10 to be sure that your email will not land in spam.

7# Send Email to Yourself

Before you start your campaign, make sure to send the email to yourself.

How can this help you?

Simply, you can keep testing until the email gets to your inbox (not promotions or spam).

Another benefit of this method is to see how your email looks, the template, the fonts, the colors, and the impression that gives you. In fact, if you don’t like how your email looks, be sure that no one will like it.

Don’t forget to check it also on the mobile, because most people today use mobiles instead of laptops to check their emails.

8# Keeping Your Emails Balanced

We can classify the emails to be sent to subscribers into two categories. The first one is emails that give value to your audiences such as training, tips, free courses, or any educational content. And the second type is emails that ask them to give something to you, for example asking for an email address, to purchase something, or take any action that brings benefits to you.

You need to keep a healthy balance between these two types. Don’t forget the Two-One Rule: for every email that brings you benefits from your audiences, send two emails that give them benefits. You should consider that the more value you provide, the more they respond to your call to action.

9# Clean Your Email List

When you launch your campaign, the audience will open your email or ignore it. You should consider deleting subscribers who never open the email from the list. Keep your list clean, and maintain only active users. By doing this, the number of the sent emails will reduce, your open rate will increase and your profit will increase as well.

Focus all your effort on the active subscribers only.


In this article, we presented nine tips that will help you increase your benefit from email marketing.

Just follow our email marketing best practices and enjoy the results.

Don’t forget to share the results with us in the comment section.

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