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Free Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Website Traffic


Whether you have an individual blog site, a business website, or are generating income through online marketing, today’s currency of success relies on the science of increasing your website traffic. The traffic that you bring to your website is crucial. It assists you to increase your rankings on the different online search engines, which is how possible consumers can discover your business.

It likewise helps you to gain efficiency in your market. This allows you to establish your impact on a particular subject. Thus, supplying you the capability to earn money.

Unfortunately, increase your website traffic nowadays can be hard. With new websites, it can be hard for potential consumers to find your website.

The purpose of the techniques detailed in this post is to help you to boost more traffic to your website. These are simple strategies. However, you will see a considerable increase in the variety of visitors to your website within a week.

Content Development and SEO

The first and crucial rule in order to increase website traffic is creating unique content.

After you have really concentrated on the quality of the content, the next step is to build your Search Engine Optimization,( SEO).

Whether you’re brand-new to SEO or not, having a basic understanding of SEO methods will put you ahead of a majority of those attempting to improve their websites.

The first thing you need to build an excellent website is remarkable content. The most important rule for that is using different types of media formats (textual, audio, video…).

When your target market appreciates your website, they will recommend it to others people. It will help you to get more traffic. The finest technique to encourage this is with preserving high reliability with your existing audience.

You also need to remember that you require posting new content regularly. Definitely, nothing will decrease your existing site visitor base quicker than an inactive website. People will simply spend their time in sites that seem growing.

For more information about SEO and how to boost your content, you can refer to our blog post about SEO Optimization.

Generating Traffic Using Social Media

Social media have actually become one of the most effective ways to advertise your business. It has now come to be a full-time job.
Meticulously planning your social media advertising activities can give you the possibility to drive even more traffic to your site. Then, generate more leads and also make even more revenues.

When you first start, just focus on the top social media platforms. You should avoid distracting yourself with more work than you can manage.


Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It is an extremely popular network, with more than 2 billion customers each month. You can share posts, images, videos, stories, and much more using this platform.

You also have access to paid as well as free features like events and giveaways. So, you can try all of them and see the results, without spending o lot of money.

This will help you to build credibility as well as stay in touch with the most recent trends.

Having a Facebook page with many followers is an exceptional method to showcase your business.


Using short posts of 140 characters or less, Twitter has ended up being called a “microblog.” Instead of one article daily, people post numerous tweets showing their daily routine.

People follow a person or a business based on a specific niche or topic, to start receiving their tweets and posts.

When several followers re-tweet the original post, it can become viral information.

The best way to use Twitter is by remaining in touch with your fans. You need to make yourself very noticeable by tweeting at least once daily. It can additionally be used to send tips to people, post news of contests, etc.


LinkedIn is an additional network that you should not neglect. It aids you to get in touch with related individuals in your specific niche in a professional capacity. It is a platform for professionals who wish to stay connected, even if they do not work for the same company.

As a professional, you need to use LinkedIn to place yourself as an expert in your domain. It can be an extraordinary source for new contacts and also a place to present specific info and showcase testimonials and so on.


This site is a virtual pinboard, shopping site, as well as vision board. It can be utilized for a variety of marketing tasks. Almost 90% of the people on this site are females. Also, more than 50% of the customers have bought based on something they saw on the site.

This is an excellent place to market your products and content.


Instagram is an additional site owned by Facebook. It is an extremely prominent photo-based site that is famous among younger audiences.

Because it is a Facebook product, you can promote your content on it using your Facebook account.

Increase Your Website Traffic by Link Building

This method may be a bit more time-consuming. However, it pays a long-term return on your investment as compared to the other approaches reviewed in this post.

Unlike links you share on social media, the links you post in forums, other websites, or even in the comment section, remain visible, for any person who discovers the posts.

Posting to Forums

In addition to publishing links on competing websites, there are several online forums as well where you can publish your link and request feedback. This will certainly bring you potential visitors that like what you offer. And they will refer your website to others.

Considering that these forums vary regarding topics and interests, discovering the appropriate forum that works for you may be time-consuming.

In addition to driving more traffic straight through the link-building process, this effort will certainly have another impact. In fact, the higher number of links between your website and other relevant sites, the greater your position will certainly be on the search engine results.

Guest Blogging

If you are attempting to boost traffic to your website, collaborating with others is an excellent method to attempt. The simplest way is to offer to contribute guest posts on other sites. So, you will be able to target an established audience in a specific niche.

This method brings benefits to both you and the blog owner. First of all, you are building an excellent connection with other blog writers in your niche. You will certainly be connected with them much more profoundly.

One more benefit is diversification of the traffic resources that you get to your blog. Your content as a guest will certainly help you acquire much more qualified traffic to your blog site.

Answering Questions in Q&A Websites

Answering questions is an effective approach to increase your website traffic. One thing that you may wish to do is find a topic in Quora or Reddit related to your business. Add value to the community by making contributions, and post your links in the discussion.

These websites hate spammer. Be careful when you post links. Just add links when you really feel like you’ve made an established addition to the open-ended discussion.

If you are seen as promoting material that is unconnected to the topic of the discussion, your credibility will fall. So be extremely cautious when choosing the content that you are trying to advertise via the link.

Given the huge number of those sites’ visitors, your referral links will certainly be driving traffic to your website for a long period of time.

Email Marketing as a Traffic Booster

Email marketing can be split right into two main types: bulk email marketing campaigns and opt-in email marketing. While both of these methods have the goal to maximize your visibility, they work in drastically different ways.

Bulk Email Marketing

The idea behind bulk email marketing is to acquire an email list from organizations. Then sending bulk emails to those addresses with newsletters, advertising products or offers, etc.

Considering that you get these addresses from a third party, many of the emails that you send may end in the spam folder. This will lead to your credibility being reduced following the criteria of the email provider.

Opt-In Email Marketing

The second way to make use of email marketing is via an opt-in marketing campaign. While this technique requires more time as well as effort, it performs far better than bulk email. It is considerably better suited for businesses. In Opt-in marketing, when visitors formerly viewed your site, they completed an opt-in form to join your subscriber list.

This ensures that the main list of subscribers, who receive your update email, are interested in hearing your ideas and opinions.


There are so many techniques that you can utilize to increase your website traffic. The strategies detailed here are standard methods that will certainly allow business owners to optimize their viewership as well as accomplish the real potential of their organized web content.

Hold your horses and know that all the effort that you’ve put in this process will pay you back.

You should never ever hesitate of making your own innovative interpretations of the techniques in this guide for increasing the traffic to your website.

This will take time and effort, but it will be well worth it as soon as you see the result.

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